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5 facts about Cyber Security


The cyber security industry is rapidly growing every day and it is a rising problem. Day by day more and more malware is being launched and it is necessary to define how the current cyber security industry looks like. Lots of people share information and lives online and the possibility of someone exploiting those is also higher.

The world of cyber security is full of fascinating treats that help us understand the dangers and how to protect ourselves from the hackers. Most people are aware of the dangers of cyber crimes but most of them are not aware of its intensity until they have experienced it.

Let us take a look at some of the facts about cyber security which the public should be aware of according to some experts.

The password can prevent most attacks

We keep passwords for a reason. We hear about sever cyber attacks where hacking has been done in spite of tight security measures. So, we think that passwords are not essential as we consider it as a door easily opened.

But the fact is that passwords are like strong locks which is very much important for delaying most cyber-attacks. This password might not save you from top-level hacks, but you should be also aware that such top-level hacks rarely attack the average public. However, some information such as financial data can still be exposed to threats. So, keep in mind of this very basic cyber security tip.

Some of the tips to have a strong password are

  • Rather than using easy to remember passwords, use a complicated one by mixing up uppercase letters, lowercase letters, alphabets, numbers and special characters.
  • Use password with at least a minimum length of 8 characters
  • To easily remember we use the same password for everything right from email to bank ATMs. This makes it easier for an attacker if he gets hold of your password for one site, he can access all the sites in which you use the same password. So, make use of different passwords and note it down and save it as a hardcopy and not on your computer, tab or phone.
  • Make use of password manager to create unique passwords.
  • Use second-factor authentication for an extra protection.

No security system is error free

We believe that a top-notch software or network is infallible. People buy expensive security software or latest device thinking that they might be secure or the best. This is not the case for all. The fact is that top Software Development companies spend a huge amount to secure their software, but it is impossible to make one which is totally resistant. Even if you have a very good developer or if you have a good software testing services, there might be some bug left in the software. A good hacker can break into any system in this world. All they require is to find just one gap to enter.

Update your Operating System and software

The people who worry most about the cyber security are the people who design the software — the OS. It is one of the major reasons why most of the companies spend time and money trying to find bugs and remove them. All you have to do is update your OS and the software that are running on it.

Install anti-virus software

It has already been mentioned that no software is foolproof. But some are designed to remove as many malicious attacks as possible. That is the job of an anti-virus software. This is very much important if you are a Windows user.

Be careful of what you see

Daily we get lots of messages which looks suspicious. Even if get constant messages about the dangers of clicking suspicious mails, people get curious and click on any random buttons. Just keep in mind that if your email looks suspicious, just delete it. Avoid any links which looks suspicious. In general never open or download anything which looks suspicious.

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