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Augusta man accused of computer hacking allowed bond

Computer hacker

An Augusta man was accused of selling personal identity information on the dark web which he had stolen from employers.

The accused Marquavious D. Britt was arrested and in a detention hearing in U.S. District Court, Magistrate Judge Brian Epps granted him a $15,000 bond. He will be on home detention with electronic monitoring.

FBI Special Agent Taylor Burns testified that Britt came to their attention when an information from a managed service provider had been posted for sale on the dark web Sept. 30.

The managed service provider located in Atlanta provides IT support, mobile application development and software support to its clients. Britt worked for the company for several weeks this past summer. The FBI arranged to purchase the posted data and paid $600 in Bitcoin. The trail led back to Britt in Augusta.

On further investigation the sale of personal identity information collected from TaxSlayer, where Britt was working until his arrest was uncovered. A third victim was identified and at least two of the victims were sent ransom emails before the data was posted for sale on the dark web.

The investigation is ongoing but agents were unable to access accounts which Britt have set up for cloud storage. He could have uploaded stolen data to those accounts which he could access with any electronic device.

Defense attorney Holly Chapman asked Epps to set bond for Britt who is willing to cooperate with federal agents so they can access his accounts.

Epps granted Britt bond, but he is confined to his home except for medical or legal matters. He is also not allowed to use any electronic device or the internet.

Britt is expected to be indicted in U.S. District in Atlanta. Britt has no criminal history and he is charged with accessing a computer without authorization to obtain information from a protected computer to obtain information valued at more than $5,000.

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