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A new strain of ransomware nicknamed “Bad Rabbit”


Highly advanced “Bad Rabbit” hits train stations, airport, and media.

Bad Rabbit, a ransomware infection thought to be a new variant of Petya, has apparently hit a number of organisations in Russia and Ukraine.

In a tweet, Russian cyber security firm Group-IB said that at least three media organisations in the country have been hit by encrypting malware.

At the same time Russian news agency Interfax said its systems have been affected by a ‘hacker attack’.

“Interfax Group’s servers have come under a hacker attack. The technical department is taking all measures to resume news services. We apologize for inconvenience.” Interfax said in a statement.

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks?

What to do immediately? Since Bad Rabbit ransomware is also taking advantage of the EternalBlue vulnerability to spread, just go and apply those goddamn patches first.

Kaspersky suggest to disable WMI service to prevent the malware from spreading over your network.

Most ransomware spread through phishing emails, malicious adverts on websites, and third-party apps and programs.

So, you should always exercise caution when opening uninvited documents sent over an email and clicking on links inside those documents unless verifying the source to safeguard against such ransomware infection.

Also, never download any app from third-party sources, and read reviews even before installing apps from official stores.

To always have a tight grip on your valuable data, keep a good backup routine in place that makes their copies to an external storage device that isn’t always connected to your PC.

Make sure that you run a good and effective anti-virus security suite on your system, and keep it up-to-date.

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