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The internet is an amazing thing as one can do a lot of things on Internet. Playing games, watching movies and videos, chatting with friends online etc. can be a lot of fun. At the same time, Internet can be scary also. Using Internet for the first time especially by kids and teenagers needs special care to ensure they stay safe on the Internet. Let us take a look at some tips that can be followed to make sure you use Internet safely.

Don’t give out information about yourself

Do not share your personal details online like your full name, address or phone number. When someone gets access to these details, they could use this information to find you. It is better to use a nickname instead.

Talk only to people you know

While using social media or online messaging sites, it is always advised to make your profile private and only add your friends in real life. Before you chat with someone you don’t know, discuss with your parents.

Be careful what you post

There are several practices online, which when done can land you in to trouble. Sending nude photos, bullying others, harassing people, making vulgar comments etc. cause trouble and ends you up with the Police. Always think before doing any such things and act wisely as messages once send cannot be undone even if you regret later.

Watch what you buy online

There are several products available online which needs to be paid in real cash before using like playing games or shopping. Always seek the advice of your parents before spending money online. And while making purchases, make sure to do so from secure websites only.

Talk to an adult if you feel worried

Some things that you see on the internet might make you feel scared or confused. Do not hesitate to talk to your parents or an adult about what worries you.

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