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Collection 1 Data Breach: Is Your Account Hacked


The biggest data breach of 2019 has been discovered which includes a huge database of 773 million email IDs and 21 million passwords. The breach was discovered by security researcher Troy Hunt and these data was found as a part of Collection #1. The breach was noticed when he was contacted by several people regarding huge collection of data which was available on the MEGA cloud storage system.

The data comprises of 12000 files with a capacity of 87 GB. However, the data has been now removed from the cloud storage. The database has been integrated in Hunt’s website “Have I Been Pwned” which makes it possible to anyone to check whether their email ID or password has been compromised. The users can type their email ID in a dialog box provided in the website. If your email ID is not compromised then a message “Good news — no pwnage found!” appears. Or else “Oh no — pwned!” message appears indicating that someone has gained access to your email ID. In the same website there is an option to also check whether your password has been hacked.

Whether your account has been hacked or not, it is better to change your password just as a precaution. Make it a habit to use a good password manager and use separate username and passwords for your different accounts.

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