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Corona Virus domains flood the web to plant malware


The new interest of cyber attackers is Corona virus. With the virus spreading and affecting thousands of people around the world, cyber criminals are exploiting the user’s curiosity on the web.

As the virus spreads globally, naturally the people are tempted to search online for the latest information and updates about the virus and how to prevent and protect from it. The cyber criminals take advantage of this situation.

According to a new report, the malicious rate of the coronavirus-related domains is 50% higher than the overall rate of all domains registered during the same period. The rate is much higher than the seasonal themes like Valentine’s Day.

Since January 2020, there are more than 4,000 coronavirus-related domains registered globally. Out of these websites, 3% were found to be malicious and an additional 5% are suspicious.

According to the security firm, Check Point, most of the domains were aimed at phishing. Also some websites are trying to scam users by posing as sellers of products like face masks, vaccines and home tests that can detect the coronavirus.

There are also reports of widespread corona virus-themed phishing campaign targeted at Italian users.

Priyanka R
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