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CTI League formed to combat hospital ransomware


A team of cybersecurity experts from 65 countries have come together to fight against ransomware attacks on hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic.

The hacker group is named COVID-19 Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) League consisting of cyberthreat intelligence experts, incident responders, and other security experts experienced at detecting, responding, and neutralizing threats. They aim to protect the technological infrastructure of front-line medical resources from cyberattacks.

Hospitals around the world are frequently attacked by ransomware groups and they demand ransom in return for the decryption key to access the files. During the current coronavirus crisis, COVID-19-related hacking and phishing attacks are on the rise.

It was reported that Ryuk ransomware continues to target hospitals and healthcare providers based in the United States.

The founder of the project, Ohad Zaidenberg, is a lead cyber intelligence researcher at Israeli firm ClearSky Security, and other members of the management team include Nate Warfield and Chris Mills who are security researchers at Microsoft and Marc Rogers, vice president of security at Okta and head of security operations at DEF CON.

Zaidenberg stated that the League now has collaborators around the globe and that protecting hospitals was a critical need at this time. He decided to create a community of cybersecurity experts who wishes to spend their free time and utilize their abilities to protect the medical sector. He finds this as a power to save a life.

The League already has more than over 500 members now and is still growing.

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