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Data breach at Russian ISP affects 8.7 million customers


Russian Internet service provider Beeline was affected by a data breach which resulted in the data of 8.7 million customers being sold and shared online.

The data includes personal details such as full names, addresses, mobile numbers and home phone numbers.

Beeline which is a Russian telecommunications company having clients in Russia, Asia, and Australia admitted the breach.

The Russian news agency Kommersant, which had reported the incident first stated that the ISP said the breach happened in 2017 and they found the criminals responsible at the time. However they did not made the hack public.

The Russian telco said the data only included details on Russian customers who signed up for home broadband connections, before November 2016.

The majority of the leaked data was from users who are not Beeline customers anymore. Customers in Australia, New Zeeland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, or other countries where the ISP has a presence, were not impacted.

Beeline has more than 50 million subscribers in Russia which includes 3 million broadband customers and the remaining being mobile subscribers.
Kommersant came to know about the breach from a source in the banking security sector. The data was being shared online, including on Telegram channels.

This is the second major data breach affecting a Russian company the newspaper reported this month. Last week, an online ad selling the personal and card details of more than 60 million customers from Sberbank, one of Russia’s largest banks was found.

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