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DoD DISA US agency discloses a security breach


The U.S Department of Defense (DoD) warned about a data breach at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), which is in charge of the security of IT and telecommunications for the White House and military troops.

The agency sent a data breach notification to its employees informing them of a security breach which took place last year between May and July.

DISA CIO and Risk Management Executive Roger S. Greenwell stated that they have put additional security measures in place to prevent future incidents and that they are adopting new protocols to increase protection of all personally identifiable information.

Hackers managed to get the employees’ personal details that includes social security numbers also. DISA together with federal authorities have started investigation about the incident and is now offering free credit monitoring to all affected individuals.

However, it is not clear as how many employees of the agency are affected by the breach and they did not share any details of the incident.

These types of data breaches have serious consequences on homeland security as the hackers could use the stolen data to perform targeted attacks in the future with the intent of breach DoD networks.

DoD had suffered a data breach before in October 2018 when the Defense Department’s travel records was hacked and attackers compromised the personal information and credit card data of U.S. military and civilian personnel.

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