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Does your employer spy on you at work?


Technology is a complex and inseparable component in the modern world. It brings about new opportunities, invites in new markets and motivate innovations. Today and in future, technology becomes the main channel for building organizations.

But together with technology comes many risks. When the companies capitalize on the various possibilities of the technological era, they should make sure that the risks associated with the digital age must be reduced. To be more precise, data privacy and data security are two of the most important areas which the company have to be deal with much skill.

In case of any failures, the cost that the company have to pay is huge and together with that comes the burden of reputational harm which can never be repaired completely.

One of the most important reasons for data loss is the data exfiltration from the workplace and so the businesses are opting various methods for enabling a tech-centered business approach which enhance the company’s growth.

So, employee monitoring software is on the way back which is a unique tool for IT security staffs to ensure data security.

Various technology publications made provocative remarks regarding the employee monitoring software, but this tool is actually not something for the bosses to spy the employees. They claim that the companies spy on their employees using such software to check their social media habits and other behaviors and evaluate their value.

The Real Purpose of Employee Monitoring Software

In reality, the employee monitoring software has various objectives related to data security and efficiency. Let us take a look at some of them.

A Comprehensive monitoring software can:

Ensure Compliance

Government has taken various steps by increasing laws and regulations to protect user data. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation have a great authority over the organizations to secure the information that they collect from customers. Other actions like HIPAA guidelines that moderate data in the healthcare industry or California’s forthcoming privacy law, place noteworthy control on companies to protect their customers’ data.

Ensuring compliance requires safeguarding from external threats and preventing internal data misuse. Employee monitoring software permits the companies to take a look at the activities that can compromise user data, preserve regulatory compliance and improve data security all at the same time.

Stop Malicious Exfiltration Attempts

Certain studies reveal that some of the employees misuse the company’s data in order to get an additional income, or steal the information deliberately when they leave the company. Besides, some surveys report shows that around 70% of the data loss events are caused by unauthorized software and nearly half are linked to file transfers by remote workers.

The modern monitoring software lets the company to take any action against the employees who access the company data at unusual times or from different locations. Also, the company can prevent the employees from accessing unauthorized data or from transmitting that data by storing them in cloud-based storage.

Achieve Process Optimization

The employees normally spend time chatting and scrolling through the social media when they are burdened by too much work. Distraction is widespread in the digital era and it appears to reduces happiness. Employees require boundaries and they need tools to fight this distraction which reduces their productivity. This tool is nothing but the employee monitoring software that identifies the pain points while equipping employers and employees to make required changes. When the distractions reduce, the employees become happier and more productive and confident.

So, it is important to note that the employee monitoring software provides many legitimate purposes in an organization and it has nothing to do with spying the employees. Instead it is a tool for fighting against data loss and increase the efficiency.

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