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What is FruityWifi?

FruityWifi is an open source tool based on WiFi Pineapple to audit wireless networks that can be installed on any Debian based operating system.Though this was initially meant only for Raspberry Pi, support now exists for all Debian based operating systems. It can even be installed on your favourite Kali Linux! It has been successfully tested on Debian, Kali Linux, Kali Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi), Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) and NetHunter. FruityWifi already has support for a lot of tools and more can be added easily. Their installation is also taken care by an included installer.

List of currently supported FruityWifi modules:

  • 3g_4g: FruityWifi 3G/4G Mobile Broadband module.
  • ap: FruityWifi Access Point module.
  • api: The API module.
  • automaton: Automation module.
  • autossh: Monitors SSH and restarts when necessary.
  • autostart: Autostart module.
  • bdfproxy: The Backdoor Factory (BDF) module.
  • beef: The Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) module.
  • bettercap: The BetterCap module.
  • bluepand: Module to start or stop Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network)
  • captive: Module to create a basic captive portal to allow or deny internet access, inject code and capture browser details.
  • detectdeauth: Module to detect deauth attacks.
  • detectrogue: Module to detect rogue access points.
  • devicefinder: Module to locate WiFi emitters.
  • dnsspoof: FruityWifi dnsspoof module.
  • ettercap
  • fruitydns: This module is based on DNSChef.
  • fruityproxy: Module to interact with mitmproxy scripts.
  • hopper: Module to help with channel hopping.
  • karma: Module to launch the Karma wireless attacks.
  • kismet: Module to interact with Kismet, the 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system.
  • mana: Module to launch an improved version of the Karma attacks.
  • mdk3: Module to interact with Murder Death Kill3 (MDK3), a Wi-Fi testing tool.
  • metasploit: Needs no introduction.
  • meterpreter
  • mgmt
  • mitmf
  • nessus
  • nginx
  • ngrep
  • nmap
  • nmcli
  • openvpn
  • phishing
  • recon: Reconnaissance module that works by injecting an iFrame and loads a JavaScript.
  • responder
  • rpitwit: Module for RPiTwit, which is a remote control for Raspberry PI via Twitter.
  • squid3
  • sshuttle: Module for SSHuttle, a transparent proxy-based VPN using SSH.
  • sslstrip
  • sslstrip2
  • stalker: Module to audio-visually alert you in case a device exists on your network.
  • supplicant: This is the wpa_supplicant (Wi-Fi Protected Access) client and IEEE 802.1X supplicant module.
  • tapper
  • tcpdump
  • tor
  • urlsnarf
  • vfeed
  • whatsapp: WhatsApp discovery module.
  • wifirecon

Isn’t this list of module awesome enough?

Download & install FruityWifi:

Technically, this should do it all on a Kali Linux installation:

apt-get install fruitywifi
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