Google stores Online Purchase History


Google records all your online purchases by tracking the receipts which are emailed to your Gmail account. Google’s purchase history page has been there for over a year as part of a Google Assistant feature update. It is recently brought to public attention in a CNBC report.

Depending on when a user set up their Gmail account, the list of purchases, including those not from Google, can date back several years, covering subscriptions, movie and music purchases, and anything bought online where the receipt was sent to that Gmail account.

The Purchases information is part of a ‘Payments & subscriptions’ page within the Google Account. Google is also collecting data on reservations for flights, hotels, and restaurants from Google Assistant and Gmail.  

According to the Purchases page, “Only you can see your purchases”, which include “Your transactions, including deliveries and online orders, gathered from Google services like your Assistant and Gmail.”

By clicking on an item, details like what the item was, the time of the purchase, the currency it was paid in and the cost will be obtained.

There is an option to ‘Remove purchase’, but in order to delete the item, the original email also has to be deleted. However, this option is not suggested for those who depends on Gmail to keep track of purchases.

Google stated that it does not use the Gmail information to target ads. The company collects data from Gmail for other purposes like creating reminders.  

Google saves purchases from other sources like Google Play Store, Google Express, and purchases made through the Google Assistant.

Google has created the Purchases page to help the users to easily view and keep record of their purchases, bookings and subscriptions at one place.

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