Google to add auto-delete option for search and location history data


Google had announced today about its plans to bring out a new feature that will enable the users to automatically delete location, browsing, and search history data from their accounts after a certain period of time.

The new feature will be ready in the upcoming weeks. Google states that the users can set an expiration date for information like previous Google searches, activity on Google-owned sites, installations and usage of Android apps and games, Chrome browsing history if it is synced and location data that Google usually collects through the Location History feature included with services like Google Search and Maps.

The account settings have options for the users to choose how long to keep the web and app activity and the users can select either to delete it manually or auto-delete data when it becomes three months old, or after 18 months.

When the settings are enabled, the company will regularly clear out every bit of the location history and web activity data Google holds on you every three months or every 18 months according to your choice.

Google decides to introduce this feature in the view of increasing criticism and inspection over its handling of user location data.

Google’s Location History feature helps to look the places that you have visited in the past. In all accounts, the Location History feature is turned off by default, but an Associated Press investigation has discovered in last August that even when it the feature is turned off on a smartphone, it continues to track users’ movements. The tech giant was sued for this in the US, and is also facing GDPR investigations in seven EU countries.

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