Hackers hit South African government fund for children and missing people


Hackers attacked a South Africa’s justice department fund which contains a pool of money held by the courts in trust on behalf of minors, unborn heirs and missing or absent persons.

Crispin Phiri, a spokesman for the Department of Justice Constitutional Development (DOJ) confirmed about the incident in which unauthorized transactions may have been attempted on the Guardians fund at the Masters office Pietermartizburg.

According to two cybercrime experts, the attack was organized by the infamous DoppelPaymer ransomware which is used by the criminal group by the same name.

The group targets enterprises and government departments with phishing emails, malicious downloads, encrypting the receiver’s data and then demanding a ransom to not publish the confidential information online.

Two pdf files have been posted to the DoppelPaymer dark web ‘leak site’ as proof of the attack. The department however did not receive any ransom demands and the incident is being investigated.

Image Credits : Fifth Domain

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