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How can Ethical Hackers Make Your Company More Secure?


When we hear the name Hackers it is often connected with a negative implication. They are normally associated with thieves or criminals who steal or access data illegally. But there are a different group of hackers who use their skills in ways to help rather than to hurt. They are the Ethical Hackers and ethical hacking is performed by Cyber security experts who are certified to legally attempt to hack into a system to check its security status and to find out vulnerabilities if any.

Today many major tech giants like Google, Facebook etc. knows the value of the hacker community and have enrolled bug bounty programs. They offer payment for the same either in cash rewards or mementos.  Google recently expanded its program to include techniques that target its abuse and spam programs.

In today’s business environment ethical hackers can play a major role to provide services to the business and government organizations to fight against vulnerabilities in their network security. Your website and data are constantly under the threat of cyber-attacks. By employing an ethical hacker can help save the data loss and disruption.

Let us see how can an ethical hacker be beneficial to a company

Ethical hackers can provide your IT staff with new knowledge on methods that are being used within the hacking community. The ethical hackers know how an attacker would try to get into the system, so they can train your IT personnel to understand techniques that hackers use to acquire illegal access to a system and its data.

Ethical hackers can check your company’s current IT infrastructures to find any vulnerabilities. Then they can work with your IT staff to manage these flaws before they are exposed.

Ethical hackers can assist in protecting valuable information. A company stores details like client information, trade secrets, and other confidential data. Ethical hackers can assess the security of your data to ensure that the proper safeguards are being put around your confidential data.

A main issue in modern business is, when a cyber-attack will occur.  Ethical hackers can prepare your business to take the proper steps in case of an attack.

The companies should take necessary measures to properly engage the hacker’s community. The companies need to set up an effective hacker-engagement program. They should be acknowledged and paid for their work. Do not ignore someone who reports a vulnerability to your company. After patching a reported vulnerability, re-test to verify it has been fixed, and engage with the hacker again to make sure they test it. The companies should try to leverage a bug bounty platform.

As technology is moving faster than our ability to secure it, making use of an ethical hacker is an important tool in any security measures.

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