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Important things to be aware this Cyber Security Month


Cyber Security Month is an initiative formed and driven by the EU and October is considered as the Cyber Security Month. This has been initiated to create awareness of the various cybersecurity threats, encourage cybersecurity among people and organizations and provide necessary resources and advice to help people and organizations protect themselves online. Let us take a look at some of the topmost cyber security tips.

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The first important thing about which the people should be aware is the phishing attacks. Phishing emails tricks you to believe that it is from a recognized source. It urges you to give away your details or information such as bank details, login credentials etc. The phishing attacks are becoming sophisticated day by day. If you take few important steps then you can avoid being attacked through phishing.

Check the sender’s address: The phishing attacks can be done by spoofing the address and it seems to be from a legitimate source but the address will not be 100% correct. Either there will be a spelling error or it comes from an address like [email protected] rather than [email protected]

Check for spelling and grammatical error: The phishing attackers do not give importance to the content of the email, and it can be easily understood if we take a look at the spelling or grammar, by which you can make sure that it doesn’t come from an authorized address who spend a good time preparing content for the mails.

Check the links: Using your mouse hover over links before you actually click them to check if it is from a legitimate site. If you find something fishy then delete it rather than clicking it.

In case of any doubts regarding the authenticity of the address and if it asks for any of your important details, call the sender and verify if they really sent you the mail. If you are not able to contact them, delete the email. Most banks and other institutions generally do not ask for sensitive information through emails.

Mobile security

Today we cannot find a person without mobile phones. There are many who doesn’t use a password or security for their phones. As we keep most of the important information on our phone it is necessary to have some security.

Check the apps: There are lots of apps that we use some of which may contain spyware even the legitimate ones. They could capture your data with your knowledge. So before downloading an app check the permissions t requests. The permission requested must be only what is required for the app. Else do not try to download that app.


Passwords are being used right from a very long time. We use a password in one site and then reuse it in another. The problem comes when we reuse the same passwords in different sites. Suppose if your password is compromised on one site and we use the same in another, then the attackers who already known your compromised password can try the same in other websites that you use and access them. To reduce this many companies are making use of PINs which they consider is more secure.

Rather than remembering long complicated passwords consisting of numbers, you can find using passphrase easier. A passphrase can be a favorite line from a book or a movie. Instead of writing it as plain text try to swap some letters with numbers and make use of special characters also.

Public and Private Wifi

Most of you have connected your devices using public wifi. But one cannot be sure whether it is safe or not. On a public wifi you do not know if someone else is connected to your computer to gain your information.

In private home wifi, always ensure that you give a proper password to the router. Most of the people use the default admin username and password rather than taking the trouble to change it. Change the default username and password and provide a different one. The people in your street will be able to identify that it is your router if you provide your name to it, so give some other usernames which is difficult to guess.

Be Aware

Social engineering is increasing and it is the technique of using normal conversation to exploit people into giving up information about themselves or their companies which the hackers can easily access. Cyber-criminals make use of various techniques like phishing emails, direct or telephone conversations, pretending to be a customer or a person interested in doing business with you to extract information they can use. if you get calls like this avoid it or inform the information officials to check the authenticity.

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