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Japanese Kawasaki discloses security breach


Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries disclosed a security breach due to unauthorized access to a Japanese company server from multiple overseas offices.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a Japanese multinational corporation active in the heavy equipment, rolling stock, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries and employs more than 35,000 employees.

According to a statement published by Kawasaki, the company discovered through investigation that some information from overseas offices may have been leaked to external parties.

The company has not found any evidence of leaking information to the external network. They have taken measures to monitor and restrict access to its Japanese servers from other company sites after discovering the security breach.

The unauthorized access to its server in Japan was discovered by Kawasaki on June 11, 2020. The access was found to be made from an office in Thailand and all communication was stopped between the two sites soon after it was discovered.

Subsequently other unauthorized accesses to servers in Japan from other overseas sites like Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States were also discovered.

The company has enhanced monitoring operations to accesses from overseas offices and tightened access restrictions to block unauthorized accesses. Kawasaki has cut off all communications between the sites.

The communication channels were then restored on November 30 after implementing network communication restrictions, running a security audit of around 30,000 terminals on the company’s Japan and Thailand networks, and confirming that no unauthorized connections were made to the Japanese servers after August.

As Kawasaki deals with important sensitive information such as personal information and social infrastructure-related information, the company has given top priority to information security measures.

However, the unauthorized access was performed with advanced technology that could not be identified.

Kawasaki special project team together with an independent external security specialist firm was investigating and implementing countermeasures.

Based on their investigation, there is a possibility that information of unknown content may have been leaked to a third party. But no evidence of leaked information has been found so far.

Kawasaki is still monitoring network communication between its Japanese and overseas offices and they are enhancing their security measures to prevent any breaches in future.

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