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Joker’s Stash is shutting down


Joker’s Stash, the internet’s largest marketplace for buying and selling stolen card data is shutting down on February 15, 2021.

The news was announced by the site’s administrator via messages posted on various underground cybercrime forums where the site normally advertised its services.

Threat intelligence firm Intel 471 posted a blog stating that Joker’s Stash’s fall comes after a very turbulent close to 2020, documenting the site’s demise.

In October, the person who allegedly runs the site announced that he had contracted COVID-19, spending a week in the hospital. The condition has affected the site’s forums, inventory replenishments, and other operations.

Intel 471 also found that the clients of the site were complaining that the shop’s payment card data quality was increasingly poor.

Besides, December 2020, the FBI and Interpol also seized four domains operated by the marketplace.

During that time, the site’s administrators said the law enforcement crackdown left only limited impact on the site, as the domains were only used as proxies to reroute customers from landing pages to the actual marketplace, and that authorities did not seize any servers containing card or user data.

Even though the seizure did not make much impact, it mainly affected the site’s reputation, and made customers think that the once-untouchable Joker’s Stash was now in open season with law enforcement agencies.

The Joker’s Stash admin did not provide more details regarding the decision to shut down the site. They might have decided to quit rather than being taken down by the law enforcement agencies. However, that doesn’t imply that the site administrator is now immune to prosecution.

Before its announcement of shutting down, the Joker’s Stash was considered one of the most profitable cybercrime operations today.

According to Christopher Thomas, Intelligence Production Analyst at Gemini Advisory, the shop is estimated to have made hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit profits, although this money also goes to the vendors themselves.

Joker’s Stash has been operating since October 7, 2014. Last year alone, the site has posted over 35 million CP (card present) records and more than 8 million CNP (card not present) records.

The site’s administrator plans to wipe all servers and backups when they shut their operations next month.

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