Mediterranean Shipping Company discloses malware attack


Shipping giant Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) reveals a malware-based attack occurred on April 10 that resulted in an outage.

The attack impacted the company’s data center and was forced to take down its website,, and its myMSC customer and vendor portal.

The incident affected only the company’s headquarters in Geneva and impacted the availability of some of MSC’s digital tools and for a few days during the Easter holidays. However, all MSC agencies were fully functional and continued serving customers as usual during this time.

According to an advisory published by MSC, they conducted detailed investigation and confirmed that only a limited number of physical computer systems in Geneva were impacted. They determined that it was a malware attack based on an engineered targeted vulnerability. According to the industry standards, they have shared the malware with their technology partners so the mitigation could be made available to all.

However, the company assured that the issue has been resolved and the portals have been recovered.

Even though the company did not reveal the family of malware that infected its systems, the outage caused by the infection indicates that it might be the work of a ransomware.

Luckily, the breach did not affect the company’s business and they assured that no data has been compromised in the breach.

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