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Millions of Business Email Accounts Accessible via Web


The cyber attackers have found several methods to penetrate into the corporate mails which had resulted in a $12 bn loss to the business over the past five years. The corporate accounts which have been hacked are traded in dark web and the hackers make a good amount especially if the email accounts are those of employees in accounts or finance sections of the companies.

The security researchers found that around 33,568 email addresses solely from finance departments have been exposed by third parties which includes 83% passwords. Around 18,163 credentials were found to be exposed in the dot-com domains. This comprises of images of exchanges on a special-access dark web forum where criminals search for accounting emails from companies in the US and South Africa.

The cyber attackers who are more inclined towards financial gains have gone far beyond the usual attack methods by using phishing techniques to attack for taking control of the accounts or paying for access. It was found in a forum that a hacker was requesting for as little as $150 to gain access to corporate email accounts which clearly indicates that the cyber criminals are winning the digital war.

Using social engineering and email spoofing, the hackers are using more targeted campaigns. The companies are unintentionally making it easier for them to get access to their email accounts. There was reports of entire company email inboxes being exposed on the internet, which resulted in the exposure of more than 12 million archived files due to misconfigurations in rsync, FTP, SMB, S3 buckets and NAS drives.

The researchers have also found sensitive, personal and financial information exposed on 27,000 invoices, 7,000 purchase orders and 21,000 payment records due to defective backups.

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