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New Zealand ComCom suffers breach after laptop theft


New Zealand’s Commerce Commission (ComCom) was affected by a breach when a laptop containing confidential information handed to the ComCom was stolen. The laptop contains information of more than 200 meeting and interview transcripts.

ComCom stated that they are aware of the theft which occured last week and that the laptop belonged to an external provider.

The transcripts contains confidential information which the businesses and individuals have provided the Commission and it may date back to early 2016. However, the Commission’s own network and systems have not been breached.

Chief executive of ComCom, Adrienne Meikle believes that the laptop would be recovered. They are working with the Police and the Commission has started contacting those who have been potentially affected by the theft.

Meikle stated that some of the information is subject to a confidentiality order issued by the Commission under section 100 of the Commerce Act and so it is a criminal offence for any person in possession of the devices or information from the devices to disclose or communicate it to anyone while the orders are in force.

The commission if also checking for other potential legal avenues to safeguard the confidentiality of the information.
The provider would be ditched by the Commission and apologised for the breach.

ComCom has contacted their suppliers to get security assurances. All those who are worried about being caught up in the breach are required to contact ComCom.

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