REvil ransomware hits US nuclear weapons contractor


US nuclear weapons contractor Sol Oriens was hit with a cyberattack by the REvil ransomware gang, which claims to be auctioning data stolen during the attack.

Sol Oriens describes itself as helping the “Department of Defense and Department of Energy Organizations, Aerospace Contractors, and Technology Firms carry out complex programs.”

Last week, the REvil ransomware operation listed companies whose data they were auctioning off to the highest bidder.

Sol Oriens was one of the listed companies, where REvil claims to have stolen business data and employees’ data, including salary information and social security numbers.

As proof the REvil published images of a hiring overview document, payroll documents, and a wages report.

In order to make Sol Oriens pay the hacker’s extortion demands, the ransomware gang threatened to share “relevant documentation and data to military agencies of their choice”.

Sols Oriens confirmed about the cyberattack that occurred in May 2021. The company stated that the investigation is ongoing, but they determined that an unauthorized individual acquired certain documents from their systems.

Those documents are currently under review, and they are working with a third-party technological forensic firm to determine the scope of potential data that may have been involved.

When the investigation concludes, they would be notifying individuals and entities whose information is involved.

Image Credits : Threatpost

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