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Stoke-on-Trent pottery firm hit by cyber attack


A pottery firm has been targeted by cyber attackers with the aim of extracting money from the business. Steelite International, based in Orme Street, Stoke-on-Trent, have found that attackers have encrypted their servers to create maximum disruption to its payroll systems.

The company stated that their IT staffs have restored their servers on time so that their employees receive the wages on time.

The company’s Finance Director, Jon Cameron reported that the hacker accessed the servers from a remote computer outside the United Kingdom and penetrated a fault in the company’s system to encrypt the key files.

The IT team noticed a suspicious activity in their servers and while they were working on it, they received the ransom request from the hacker.

The hacker demanded 79 Bitcoins which is a very huge amount and the firm hasn’t responded to it. However, the hackers were unable to encrypt the back-up files. So, the IT team were able to restore function and prevent a potential catastrophe.

Even though one of the files targeted was the payroll file, the intervention of the IT team made the staff payments unaffected.

The company is a world leading manufacture of tableware for the hospitality industry and delivers to more than 140 countries. They have informed their staffs and enhanced security measures to guard against another attack.

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