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Top Dark Web Browsers for Anonymous Web Browsing with Privacy


One of the most used applications in any device is a web browser and privacy is a main concern for all.  Dark web browser is related with anonymous browsing. However, your browsing histories are not kept private by most of the browsers and so it becomes important to use a deep or dark web to maintain total privacy.

Usually the browsers with cookies, personalized ads and browsing history being tracked, people lose their privacy and mostly the users would not like a third party knowing about their search history.

Dark web browser becomes useful for those users who would prefer complete anonymity over the internet.

Deep Web indeed lies parallel to the Surface web which is the normal google search, but it does not index the sites within it.

The actual search engine results that show websites, blogs, videos, images, applications, software etc. are just 4% of the whole internet database and the remaining 96% exists within the dark web.

Even the government agencies cannot track the browsing histories within a dark web. Besides bringing anonymity and privacy to users, the dark web access also brings chaos for the government as several illegal and underworld cyber activities are part of this.

This might be one of the reasons why the dark web is still considered scary and not ethical. However, accessing the dark web via Dark web browser Tor is considered legal.

It is surprising to know that besides illegal activities, the dark web that can be accessed via the Dark web browser was made by engineers, scientists, and professors to share their data without any restrictions.

The dark web gives the citizens of some countries to express their ideas without being recognized.

Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of dark web usage,


  • Anonymity
  • Freedom of speech
  • Data privacy
  • Knowledge
  • Political activism


  • Illegal transactions
  • Illegal trading
  • Anti-government movements

The best Dark web browsers that will help the users to hide their identity and restrict from tracking their IP address includes

  • Tor Browser
  • I2P- Invisible Internet Project
  • Subgraph OS
  • Whonix

Tor Browser

The first dark web browser that was launched with absolute security and anonymity was Tor browser.

FBI hacked it in 2014 after which they fixed their loopholes, making it more robust and safer for dark web users.

Tor’s framework is not however very secure, because their main job is to reroute your traffic via multiple nodes and not connecting your physical device directly. For this the user requires a VPN set up along with the Tor to be completely anonymous.

Tor can be operated in Mac OS, Windows, and Linux and is being largely used by many users to hide their activities and protect them from ISP and fraudsters to monitor their activities.


Setting up:

I2P- Invisible Internet Project

Dark web browser I2P is different from Tor because it provides anonymity as it works with multiple layers of data streaming thus protecting your privacy.

The Dark web browser framework works on TCP/UDP or IP data transfer protocol. I2P is based on the tunneling system in which the sender creates a tunnel for the outbound data and the receiver will already have created a tunnel for the inbound data.

So, the sender sends the message through this outbound tunnel which will be received by the other client using the inbound tunnel and vice versa.

These tunnels are identified by requiring the same over a network database, which is a structured distributed hash table based on the Kademlia algorithm.

I2P is currently used to create an anonymous website using a standard web server and linking it with the I2PTunnel Server.

Those users who wish to have anonymity on the web and is not willing to set up a VPN, the you can use the I2P browser.


Setting up I2P:

Subgraph OS

Subgraph is an open-source Dark web browser based on Tor and it is an OS and not a standalone browser.

Subgraph OS uses Kernel hardening, Metaproxy, Sandboxing, Package security, Application network policies, Binary integrity, and Filesystem encryption to build robust security to their network.

By sandboxing it isolates your browsing experience, pulling out instances where malware is being detected and separating it from the standard browsing container.

Subgraph also comes with secured IM called CoyIM and an email client called Icedove to nullify vulnerabilities over client communication.

Similar to I2P, Subgraph operates on different layers helping users with a non-interrupted internet access by retaining their privacy and anonymity.


Subgraph OS handbook:


The Amnestic Incognito Live (TAILS) is a live OS that provides complete anonymity and privacy for the users. TAILS can be used in any computer by using a USB stick or DVD.

TAILS is a free software which turns off your standard OS temporarily while using and turns it on after TAILS is shut down. It does not need a storage space as it mostly runs on RAM thus leaving no traces behind.

TAIL gives absolute privacy by establishing communication via the Dark web browser Tor network, by encrypting your messages, files, and emails using the cryptographic tools.

TAIL is the best option if you are looking for a simple and secured dark web browser. It had broken the censorship from many countries and allows the users to access all the blocked websites on behalf of dark web browser family.


Setting up TAILS:


Whonix is also not a standalone browser but an OS like built on TOR’s free software. It has most of the basic framework of the TOR network, thereby providing full privacy and anonymity for users.

Whonix is powerful and so even malware that has root privileges will not be able to track down users’ IP address.

Whonix also provides full privilege to users for setting up and using their server by staying invisible. It comes with pre-installed applications.

Whonix also comes with ‘Data Stream Isolation’ and does not use the same exit nodes of the TOR.

As we have seen most of the dark web browser depend on the TOR network, and so the TOR browser will be the best choice for deep browsing.

Those users who are looking for features like sandboxing, file encryption, secured IM and email clients can make use of the other mentioned dark web browsers.


Setting up Whonix:

The users who wish to be anonymous on the internet to protect their identity can make use of the Dark web browsers listed here. It is always important to note that privacy is the main concern in today’s world. The cyber attacks and criminals are increasing at a fast pace and they long to steal the user’s identity and personal information to sell it in dark web markets.

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