Twitter discloses Firefox bug


Twitter revealed a bug on its platform which affected the users who used their platform from Firefox browsers.

Twitter stores private files inside the Firefox browser’s cache where information and files are stored temporarily.

When the users leave their platform or log off, these files would remain in the browser cache, permitting anyone to retrieve it.

Now, the social networking giant warns the users who share workstations or used a public computer that some of their private files may still be present in the Firefox cache.

These files might include those sent or received via direct messages (DMs), data archive files downloaded from a profile’s settings page etc. These files would remain on a system, even if the user logged off from their accounts.

Twitter however stated that the effect of the bug is limited as Firefox automatically removes all cached data older than seven days.

Twitter advices those users who have used a public computer to access their platform to clear the browser cache before logging out, and also to be careful about the personal information that you download on a shared computer.

To clear the cache in Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Privacy & Security > Cookie and Site Data > Clear Data.

Twitter assured that they have fixed this bug to prevent them from caching non-public information. Also, this bug has not affected the users who accessed Twitter from other browsers.

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