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U.S. Health Department website hit with DDoS Cyberattack


The United States Health and Human Services Department confirmed that their website was hit with a DDoS cyberattack that took it offline amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a rapid increase in people searching for Health &Human Service (HHS) information about the Coronvirus.

On Sunday night, the cyber attackers disrupted the circulation of Coronavirus information by conducting a DDoS attack against the web site.

The attack was first reported by Bloomberg and the attack was believed to be intended to slow the agency’s systems down. The government officials presume that it was a foreign cyber-attack, but it is not yet confirmed.

According to a spokesperson, they are coordinating with federal law enforcement and are vigilant and focused on ensuring the integrity of the IT infrastructure.

In a DDoS attack, the attackers send a huge amount of connections to a web site or IP address simultaneously to overload the server so that it is no longer accessible.

In response to a disinformation campaign conducted by the attackers together with the attempt to take down the site, the National Security Council tweeted an alert to ignore text messages spreading “rumors of a national quarantine” and that there is no national lockdown.

The cyber criminals are taking advantage of the panic and anxious situation related to the outbreak of COVID-19. They is a tremendous rise in the cyber attacks in the form of phishing campaigns, malware and ransomware, and cyber-attacks against hospitals and testing centers.

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