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Several studies show that the data breaches are increasing day by day. According to Mimecast, a global email and data security company, the management and finance team of most of the companies are not skilled enough to identify and stop the attacks.

One of the main reasons for most of the security reasons is the human errors. These casual mistakes can result in loss of money and reputation of the organization and loss of job for an employee. Organizations need to know that employees are their last line of defense. Mimecast have developed risk profiles of employees to know how risky they are to cyber-attacks. An employee with a high-risk profile needs further training to ensure the organization is as well-protected against cybercriminals as possible.

Let take a look at some of the important tips for consumers to protect themselves against cybercrime.

Think before you share

Cyber-attacks are no more done randomly. They are being performed after researching well and by using the information that you share online. Sensitive and personal information such as the company where you work, your friends, your activities etc. are available over social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. The attackers use these sites to get information about the targeted victims. This is called as Social Engineering.

Look for unreliable URLs

The hackers take various tricks to fool you to get your financial details. One such method is making you click on links that look legitimate which is actually not. It will then download malicious software onto your device. There are chances that even if you receive a branded email which resembles that of a legitimate retailer with their logos and fonts, it could be a scam. Make sure to type a retailer’s address into your browser to avoid being redirected to a fake site. Look only for all-important https:// (as opposed to https://). The “s” stands for secure – which is crucial for your online safety.

Use Alternative or Safer Payment Methods

Whenever you provide your credit or debit card details into an online form there are chances that they might be intercepted by cybercriminals. Create a dedicated online shopping account with credit and overdraft limits, and only enough money to buy what you need. Alternatively, use the online shopping points you’ve been collecting all year.

If it looks suspicious, it might be

When you expect a shipment from a retailer, keep track of the details. If you receive an email that contains tracking details from a courier service or retailer not intended for you then do not click on the tracking URL. This is a malicious link disguised as a recognized one. Similar is the case with attachments which might contain malicious code. It is always best to type the name of the retailer or company name manually to avoid being directed to a fake site.

If You Think You have become a Victim to Cybercrime, Act Fast

When you thing that you have been a victim of a cyber-attack then you must not wait a second, rather act fast.

Report it to the police
There are several cyber-attack cases which does not get reported. If an attack occurs, you must report to the police as these will help in investigations and can help shut down these cybercriminals and their syndicate organizations for good.

Report it to your bank
Contact your bank at the earliest if you suspect that your bank or card details have been compromised. Get your card cancelled immediately. There are chance that depending on the circumstances the bank might be able to reverse the fraudulent charge and get your cash back.

Do Not Negotiate
If your system is affected by a ransomware, it is likely that the attackers will ask you to pay a ransom to give you back control. They ask for payments to be done in bitcoins. But once you’ve been identified as a soft target, they’ll probably be back for more.

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