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Zoom removes meeting IDs from app title bar to boost security


Video conferencing service Zoom has released an update for its apps running on Linux, Mac, and Windows which removes the meeting ID from the app’s title bar.

The latest update arrived when the app users frequently leaked their meeting IDs or meeting passwords, while sharing screenshots of their meetings on social media.

Some of the prominent incidents are UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared the meeting ID of a UK cabinet meeting and members of the Belgium Parliament accidentally exposed the meeting ID and the password of a Defense committee.

When meeting IDs are leaked in this manner, there are chances of Zoom-bombing. Zoom-bombing usually occurs when someone takes control of a meeting, by getting connected to uninvited Zoom conferences and disturb the meetings by sharing inappropriate content to those on the call.

Zoom believes that by hiding the meeting ID, the Zoom-bombing raids will reduce to some extent.

According to the Zoom app changelog, the meeting ID has now been removed from the title bar and it now appears in a drop-down panel when clicking the “info” icon, in the top-left panel of each Zoom app.

Besides this, Zoom has also made it easier to manage the security-related settings for meeting hosts. The Zoom app now has a dedicated Security icon in the control panel where the meeting organizer can manage all security settings from one place instead of moving around different screens.

This includes locking the meeting, enabling Waiting Room etc. It is now possible for the users to enable Waiting Room in a meeting, even if the feature was turned off before the start of the meeting.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has posted a blog earlier assuring that they would re-focus on improving the Zoom app’s privacy and security features. He made this promise when security researchers discovered and pointed out several vulnerabilities and privacy issues with the app.

The first update came last week where it fixed the reported security bugs, enabled Waiting Rooms by default for all future meetings, and made the password for all new conference mandatory.

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